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I am starting a network! Lool out for more imformation on The Pie Hole Staff network, a place for Pushing Daisies lovers to make friends, gain followers, and help one another out!


This is a hate-free, troll-free, safe place. If I reccieve any hate I automatically toss it in the trash. I will not engage. All opinions are respected, or, at the very least tolerated. These are my boundaries. I will respect yours and I ask that you respect mine as well.

Hey guys! So I was going to surprise my lovely pie holers with an ‘oh look Pushing Daisies is on youtube. I wonder what amazing person who has the same name that my tumblr has could have uploaded these?’ But then I got a question about where I watch PD and well, the cat’s out of the bag! If youtube was a little more accommodating then they’d be up already, but I plan to post all the full episodes of both seasons of Pushing Daisies! I promise, I won’t do my makeup in front of a webcam (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) but I figured people might need a place to watch. So keep your eyes out and hopefully I’ll have them up after school tomorrow!

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